All New 2018 Level Super Pipe Snowboard Gloves with Integrated BioMex Wrist Protection

November 22, 2017

All New 2018 Level Super Pipe Snowboard Gloves with Integrated BioMex Wrist Protection

When Level told me they were redesigning the top of the line Super Pipe Gloves for the 17/18 season, I was concerned.  Why? Because the previous version of the Super Pipe was my all time favorite snowboard glove. I've worn it for years, as has my two teenage sons.  The Super Pipe brings all the best features Level has to offer, wrapped up in a beautiful and beautifully crafted snowboard glove. So, it was a case where I felt change wasn't warranted. This is why I'm not a product designer. I like nice things as they are...

After now having spent some time with both versions of the Super Pipe - the 2016 model and the all new 2018 model - I can say my concerns were superceeded by the new features offered with the new gloves.

Here's a run down of what's the same, and what's different, from the old to the new models of the Level Super Pipe Snowboard Gloves.

Level Super Pipe Snowboard Gloves Comparison - 2016 model vs 2018 model

What Stayed the Same in the new Level Super Pipe Gloves

  • Level's excellent BioMex Plus Wrist Protection System is inside, providing an unmatched level of protection from snowboard wrist injuries
  • The shell is GoreTex, so your hands will stay dry on sloppy wet days
  • The interior liner is Level's upgraded soft fleece, so your hands stay warm on cold days
  • The nose wipe, goggle cleaner, and heat vents all remain in place

What's New in the 2018 Version of the Super Pipe Gloves?

The most significant change is a new abrasion resistant material brought over from Level's famous World Cup Racing Mittens. This material is designed specifically to take huge abuse and significantly improve the durability / longevity of the Super Pipes. 

    • In particular, when reaching down to support and balance, this abrasion resistant material allows your gloves to slide along the snow gracefully and not wear down. With the prior versions, the out glove shell wasn't able to stand up to a lot of abuse. Now, it will.

New Long Lasting Abrasion Resistant Material

  • The abrasion resistant material is situated along the palm, thumb, outside hand, and all along the pinky. You can see the placement and material in the images to get a sense of placement and design.

Abrasion Resistant Material along side of Level Super Pipe Snowboard Gloves

    • There is new padding located on the heel of your palm and along the bottom of your thumb. This is designed to help cushion impacts.

Palm Side of Level Super Pipe Snowboard Gloves

    • The back of the four fingers has a new articulating / accordion like design that allows for easier movement of your fingers.

Back of Fingers on Level Super Pipe Snowboard Gloves

The Bottom Line

The all new 2018 Level Super Pipe Snowboard Gloves are a significant improvement over the previous design. Although I miss my favorite, this new version will no doubt stand up to much more abuse, lasting much longer. This helps spread the cost of the gloves over more seasons, which is definitely a good thing for those who'd rather spend their money on their season pass or good pizza. 

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May 15, 2018

It’s embarassing that they need so many years to figure it out that snowboarders often touch and rub the ground with hand :/
And the ground isn’t always a powder but very often hard, sharp ice.

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