Different Snowboard Wrist Guard Designs, and Which is Best for You

Originally Published: August 16, 2018, Last Updated: November 21, 2019

Different Snowboard Wrist Guard Designs, and Which is Best for You

Let's presume you already understand why you should wear snowboard wrist guards. Now what? There are three major types of snowboard wrist guards available. In this article, we'll try to determine which type is best for you, and why. Wrist injuries are the most common snowboard injury, can often be prevented, and you can outfit yourself with proven wrist protection at a fraction of the cost compared to losing time at work or days on the mountain.

Learn about the different types of snowboard wrist guards and which one is best suited to you.

3 Major Types of Snowboard Wrist Guards

There are three major types of wrist guards available to you. They are:

  1. Splints. Plastic or metal splints are crossovers from skateboard wrist guards, adapted for use either underneath or built into gloves.
    Splint Wrist Guards
    1. Flexible Wrist Supports. Normally made of a flexible metal, these supports are commonly grouped together with 3 or 4 placed side by side in either an underglove wrist guard or integrated into snowboard gloves.
      Flexible Wrist Supports
      1. BioMex. Specifically designed for snowboarding, LEVEL's proprietary BioMex wrist protection system is a higher tech approach created by orthopedic surgeons.

      Trade-offs / Value from Each Type of Wrist Guard

      Each of the three types of snowboard wrist guards offer different value propositions, but definitely fall into the classic "good" "better" "best" categories.

      • GOOD - Splints. Stiff metal or plastic splints are very inexpensive to make. As a result, you can buy underglove wrist guards for $20-$30. They're cheap and therefore accessible to anyone who can afford a season pass or lift ticket.  Why only "good"? By design, splints are low tech, simple, and not very comfortable. In addition, they typically don't flex easily and definitely don't protect across the 3 different dimensions (see below). BOTTOM LINE: wearing splints are better than wearing no snowboard wrist protection, and cost is no excuse.
      • BETTER - Supports. Wrist supports are still relatively inexpensive to make. But the materials are finer and you'll typically find flexible wrist supports in slightly more expensive underglove wrist guards (around $40) or in better quality snowboard gloves (around $50-75).  This design tends to be more comfortable to wear, and flex more readily during a crash. BOTTOM LINE: for another $10-$20, we recommend moving up from splints to flexible supports to gain comfort and impact flexibility.
      • BEST - BioMex.  LEVEL gloves designed the BioMex wrist protection system in collaboration with snowboarders, medical professionals, and engineers. Originally introduced in 1988, BioMex is designed to keep your wrist in an anatomically strong position, where muscle forces and bone congruence combine to provide optimum stability without compromising freedom of movement. As a result, LEVEL gloves with BioMex inside are comfortable to wear, are an easy to use system of integrated wrist guard, liner, and shell, and offer a proven reduction in snowboard wrist injuries vs traditional wrist guard designs.  BOTTOM LINE: for the cost of "regular" snowboard gloves, you can get a pair of LEVEL Snowboard gloves and have peace of mind knowing you have the best snowboard wrist protection system on your hands.

      Get the Best Snowboard Wrist Guards, and Gain Confidence and Peace of Mind

      If you're seriously budget constrained, then get a pair of snowboard wrist guards with traditional "skate style" splints inside. They will offer you basic wrist protection that is better than not wearing wrist guards at all.

      If you are still budget-minded and want better that splints, underglove wrist guards or snowboard gloves with flexible wrist supports are more comfortable and a step up.

      However, if you want the best snowboard wrist guards, outfit yourself with LEVEL's BioMex wrist guards. BioMex, for the reasons stated above, is the best option for protecting yourself and your family from the most frequent snowboard injury. With the ease of use and proven performance, combined with excellent features and design details, LEVEL's line of snowboard gloves with wrist guards - ranging from under $100 to over $220 - are the best choice for advanced snowboard wrist protection.

      Shop LEVEL Snowboard Gloves with Integrated Wrist Protection:

      Shop LEVEL Snowboard Gloves with BioMex Wrist Protection Inside

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