LEVEL Gloves "Dry Technology" - Explained

Originally Published: September 12, 2018, Last Updated: September 14, 2018

LEVEL Gloves "Dry Technology" - Explained

What is "Dry Technology", and what different options are available in LEVEL snowboard gloves? Read on to learn more...

What is Dry Technology?

Dry technology is a fancy word for "waterproof-ness".  It is the combination of materials and designs that are intended to keep your hands dry. This effort includes both keeping snow, ice, and rain out of your gloves, as well as allowing sweat and moisture to escape from inside your gloves.

The different types of dry technologies include:

  1. A membrane that is laminated to the inside of the glove shell fabric
  2. An insert that is placed in between the glove shell and the interior liner
  3. A coating that is applied to the shell fabric

All three types have the same goal: keep water out, and allow moisture to escape. Some do this better than others.

One of the best known dry technologies in the Outdoor industry is GoreTex. GoreTex has different levels of technologies for different applications, but they all are:

GoreTex Dry Technology
  • A membrane - meaning it's a very thin pliable sheet-like structure
  • A laminate - meaning it is bonded between the liner and outer shell of the glove
  • A technology - applied specifically to, in this case, snow gloves
  • A promise - all items designed with GoreTex carry GoreTex's "GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY" promise

What Dry Technologies are available in LEVEL Gloves?

LEVEL gloves have several different Dry Technologies, gaining in capabilities as you go higher in the glove models. Here are the different Dry Technologies that you'll find in different LEVEL glove models:

  • Gore-Tex Gloves + Windstopper - present in Super Carve gloves, Gore Windstopper is ideal for cool and windy conditions. Totally windproof with maximum breathability, gloves with Gore Windstopper block the wind while allowing vapor to escape.
  • Gore-Tex Gloves + Gore Warm - present in Super Pipe gloves, Gore Warm is a "whole system of inner lining, membrane, and outer material...engineered to enable higher insulation performance."  Designed for harsh conditions, Gore Warm are the warmest GoreTex gloves available.
  • Gore-Tex Gloves - present in the Half Pipe gloves and mittens (Men's and Women's), GoreTex gloves are "durably waterproof, windproof, and highly breathable." The benefits of GoreTex makes the Half Pipe gloves the highest "bang for the buck" models in the LEVEL lineup - and our recommendation for most snowboarders who want performance at a mid range price.
  • Membra-Therm Plus - present in the Fly, Butterfly, Fly Junior, and Space gloves and mittens. Membra-Therm Plus is LEVEL's breathable membrane insert that lies between the outer shell and the interior liner. Membra-Therm Plus enhances warmth and comfort by keeping your hands dry. Although not as effective as the Gore series above, Membra-Therm Plus is a performance upgrade from materials found in lower cost glove alternatives.

Gore-Tex Gloves Technologies

Bottom Line? If budget allows it, the performance upgrade that comes with the different Gore technologies makes moving up to the Half Pipe series a really good investment that you will savor on cold or wet days!


Click below to shop LEVEL snowboard gloves with dry technologies:

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