Keep Your Hands Warm with ThermoPlus Warmth Technology for Gloves

Originally Published: October 17, 2019, Last Updated: December 26, 2019

Keep Your Hands Warm with ThermoPlus Warmth Technology for Gloves

A key benefit of LEVEL gloves, including Level's snowboard gloves with built-in wrist guards and BLISS women's ski gloves, is the combination of shell and interior liner technology that work together to keep your hands warm.

What is "Thermo Plus Technology"?

ThermoPlus Technology is LEVEL's scientifically based "warmth certification" system. LEVEL uses both a climatic chamber and live outdoor test environment to measure the ability of gloves and mittens to retain heat efficiently. The result is an "efficiency index" that gives each glove or mitten a different ThermoPlus certification level. The higher the level, the warmer your hands will stay, even down to very cold temperatures, as shown below.

How Many Different ThermoPlus Index Levels are There?

LEVEL has five different ThermoPlus certification levels:

  • ThermoPlus 1000. For temps down to 23 degrees F
  • ThermoPlus 2000. For temps down to 14 degrees F
  • ThermoPlus 3000. For temps down to 0 degrees F
  • ThermoPlus 4000. For temps down to -8 degrees F
  • ThermoPlus 5000. For temps down to -22 degrees F

The end result is a line of gloves that offer excellent insulation and heat retention of the natural warmth of your hands, even in the worst of conditions you may find while you ski, snowboard, or walk around town or the city.

LEVEL ThermoPlus Glove Warmth Rating Comparison

Keep My Hands Warm, Please

Keeping your hands warm means keeping the heat inside the gloves or mittens. The graph below shows how the different ThermoPlus certification levels retain your hand warmth inside the gloves over time. 

According to LEVEL's research, you would expect to feel cold in your hands at around 77 degrees skin temperature, and then actual discomfort from cold in your hands at around 69 degrees skin temperature. 

As you can see, over time your hands typically loose warmth / get cold. With gloves that don't have a good design or high quality insulation materials inside, your hands can get cold fairly quickly - especially in colder weather. If you have cold hands, none of this is new to you, right!?

But look what happens with the upper level ThermoPlus warmth certifications. With ThermoPlus 4000 and 5000 rated models, there is a dramatic improvement in heat retention inside your gloves and mittens. 

Level Gloves Thermo-Plus Technology - hand warmth retained over time


What Does it Look Like Under InfraRed?

Really? Fine. Here's what your hands would look like using thermal imaging to compare LEVEL ThermoPlus certified gloves vs lower quality gloves that don't efficiently retain the heat from your hands. In the first image below, blue is good. Blue color means very little heat is escaping the gloves.  You can see the dramatic improvement in heat retention from the ThermoPlus Glove on the left vs the rapid heat loss from the lower quality glove on the right.

Thermal Image of LEVEL Thermo-Plus gloves vs Lower Quality Alternatives

The second image below shows actual skin temperature after removing the gloves. In this second image, red is good (red is warmth). The large amount of red on the hand on the left shows that the left hand wearing the ThermoPlus gloves is much warmer than the hand on the right wearing the lower quality gloves. Brrrr!

Thermal Image of Hand Temperatures after wearing LEVEL Thermo-Plus gloves vs Lower Quality Alternatives

How to Find ThermoPlus Ratings on LEVEL Gloves

OK, you're convinced. You're tired of cold hands and are ready to experience the extra warm feeling from gloves that meet LEVEL's ThermpPlus warmth certification. If you're in the market for warm snowboard gloves with built in wrist guards or extra warm women's ski gloves and mittens, look for the "ThermoPlus" designation in the bullet list on the product page. The higher the ThermoPlus rating, the warmer the gloves will keep your hands!

For super warm snowboard gloves and mittens, check out LEVEL's Snowboard Protective Gloves line. The LEVEL Super Pipe GlovesLEVEL Half Pipe Gloves, and LEVEL Half Pipe Mittens all offer at least the ThermoPlus 3000 level of certification, with Sicuro's exclusive Half Pipe "Plus" versions offering even warmer ThermoPlus 4000 certification. ThermoPlus 4000 is the highest warmth certification level available in a LEVEL snowboard glove.

For super warm women's gloves and mittens, check out our collection of Bliss Women's Gloves and Mittens that meet the ThermoPlus 4000 or ThermoPlus 5000 warmth certifications. All these Bliss models are so warm and comfy....great choices if you suffer from cold hands!

By the way..other gloves and mittens in the BLISS line have the ThermoPlus 3000 rating or are not rated at all. Again, check the bullet list on the product page to confirm!

Shop BLISS Women's Super Warm Gloves and Mittens here:

Shop BLISS Flame Women's Ski Mittens - super warm Thermo-Plus 5000

 Shop extra warm LEVEL Half Pipe "Plus" Gloves here:

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