Top 5 Questions We Get About LEVEL Snowboard Gloves

Originally Published: December 11, 2017, Last Updated: September 04, 2018

Top 5 Questions We Get About LEVEL Snowboard Gloves

We get a lot of questions about LEVEL snowboard gloves, which doesn't surprise us. LEVEL's innovative BioMex wrist protection system needs some explaining for customers to understand it's value. And, the breadth of the Level protective snowboard glove line-up means there are different features and price points to understand and trade off.

So, to help answer your questions faster, here's a summary of "The Top 5 Questions we get asked about LEVEL Snowboard Gloves."

1. Is The BioMex Wrist Guard Removable?

Technically, yes. But we don't recommend it. It perfectly fine (and quite easy) to remove the BioMex wrist guards from in between the glove shell and liner. And, if you need to wash or dry your gloves or mittens, then you'll want to pull the liner out of the gloves and remove the guards. This is all fine and dandy. But, we don't recommend you take the guards out and use the gloves as normal "winter gloves". Although they'll do an admirable job as general snow gloves, chances are, you'll misplace the wrist guards. I can't tell you how many past customers ask us if they can buy replacement BioMex guards because they lost theirs. We can't, and LEVEL doesn't sell the guards separately. Our advice? Keep the guards in the gloves.

2. Do Wrist Guards Move the Injury from the wrist to your arm?

The story goes like this...someone was wearing wrist guards, crashed, and broke their forearm. The inevitable argument is that the wrist guard simply "moved" the injury from the wrist to the forearm. Although more traditional wrist guards with very stiff plastic or inflexible metal splints inside might contribute to this scenario, there is little evidence that this scenario happens often. More importantly, the LEVEL Snowboard Gloves with BioMex protection are specifically designed to flex in three different dimensions, decelerating the impact of the crash and avoiding a transfer of the impact forces. Our Advice? Ignore the legend, and be smart about what type of wrist protection you wear.

3. What's the difference between the LEVEL Fly/Butterfly Models and the LEVEL Half Pipe Models?

There is a pretty significant performance difference between the entry price point Fly/Butterfly gloves and mittens, and the mid-priced Half Pipe gloves and Half Pipe Mittens. Specifically, the 3 major upgrades in the Half Pipes are:

  • an upgraded interior liner that keeps your hands warmer
  • a GoreTex shell that keeps your hands drier
  • the BioMex Plus guard that has an additional layer of padding on the inside

Our Advice? With a price differential of between $25-$40, we think there is a very high return on investment to spend the extra bucks and go for the Half Pipe models.


4. Are the LEVEL Super Pipe Gloves worth the money?

The LEVEL Super Pipes are the top-of-the-line snowboard protective glove in LEVEL's catalog. The Super Pipes feature nice leather treatments across the glove, and new this year is the anti-abrasion material on the palm and outside heel of the gloves. This durable material means this latest version of the Super Pipe gloves are built to last multiple seasons of board grabs, high speed reach downs on icy terrain, or any other use and abuse scenarios you may subject your gloves to... Our Advice? At an additional $20-30 over the Half Pipe models, the Super Pipes look awesome, feel rich and nice, and will last a looooong time.

5. How do I measure my hand to get the right fit?

This is critical. Snowboard Gloves with wrist guards inside have to fit right to do their job properly. Thankfully, getting the right fit is a pretty straightforward process. See our blog How to: Order the Right Size LEVEL Gloves for the steps involved, and/or click on the "Size Chart" link next to the "Add to Cart" button on any LEVEL product page. Our Advice? Absolutely measure your hands prior to ordering.


Have a question about LEVEL Snowboard Gloves that aren't in the Top 5?

Roll on over to our Contact Us page and send us a quick note. We'll reply speedy quick!


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