What are the best snowboard gloves for kids?

December 22, 2017

What are the best snowboard gloves for kids?

My kids love to snowboard (and ski). We live in the Midwest, so they're able to roam around our local ski hills on their own with their friends. It's great fun for them, and I love letting them be independent and enjoying time on their own.

At the same time, I want them outfitted with proper gear that helps keep them safe while on the mountain or in the terrain park. I have the "Big 2/4" - a helmet, wrist protection, goggles, and tailbone pads. For my kids, the last 2 are optional, but the first 2 are mandatory.

A Helmet is Kind of Obvious

Requiring a helmet is pretty self evident. Head injuries may not be very frequent, but a hard impact to my kids head can be dangerous it happens enough in snowboarding to make helmets non-negotiable.

What about wrist protection? 

Wrist injuries are the most frequently occurring snowboard injury. Nearly 40% of all snowboard injuries are wrist related. This is due to the nature of snowboard crashes. You catch an edge and go down either facing forward or backwards. In both cases, the natural reaction is to reach down and try to catch your fall. This puts your kids wrists at risk of siginficant injury.

Wearing snowboard wrist protection is a smart decision. And, for my kids, they're non-negotiable if they're snowboarding.

What about underglove wrist guards?

For sure, your kids can wear wrist guards that fit underneath their snowboard gloves. Depending upon the design and material of these guards, they can offer a good level of basic protection for your kids wrists. But, be careful to choose wrist guards that are flexible so they absorb forces, as opposed to simply transferring forces up the forearm. And, if your son or daughter already has snowboard gloves, the underglove guards may not fit underneath.

Since your kid wears snowboard gloves anyway, why not outfit them in what we consider to be the best snowboarding gloves for kids? Specifically, snowboard gloves that already have wrist protection built in.

The Best Snowboarding Gloves for Kids

Which is why we feel that the best snowboarding gloves for kids are ones that not only keep their hands warm and dry, but also provide protection from wrist injuries!  

To chose the best kids snowboarding gloves, look for these six features:

  1. a high quality shell that keeps their hands dry
  2. a high quality interior liner that keeps their hands warm
  3. a wrist protection system inside the glove, that helps protect their wrists
  4. a well designed system built into nice looking, high performance gloves
  5. high quality materials and construction with gloves that are durable and long lasting
  6. at a reasonable price

Why Level Gloves are the Best Snowboarding Gloves for Kids

We believe LEVEL Youth Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Guards  are the best choice for outfitting your kids. The LEVEL snowboard gloves hit all 6 criteria above. The LEVEL Fly Junior Gloves and Fly Junior Mittens both keep your kids hands dry and warm, protect their wrists with LEVEL's BioMex Wrist Protection System, are nice looking and high quality, and are at a price that is very reasonable.

For under $80, you can outfit your son or daughter with high quality snowboard gloves and rest easier knowing they are wearing high quality wrist protection. So when they're off on the mountain with their friends, tooling around or hitting the terrain park, I know they've got a high level of warmth, comfort, and protection for their hands.

Check out the LEVEL Snowboarding Gloves and Mittens, and order a pair today!


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