Extra Warm Women's Ski Gloves and Mittens from Bliss by LEVEL

Do your hands get cold on the mountain or around town? Are you looking for gloves or mittens that are proven to keep your hands warm - even down to minus 22 degrees?

LEVEL gloves has a rich history of design and technical innovations in ski and snowboard gloves. With their Bliss line - designed specifically for women - LEVEL brings superior design and technical experience to women's ski and lifestyle gloves and mittens. For all of us with cold hands, LEVEL's Thermo-Plus warmth index gives us a scientific method to judge the ability of gloves to actually keep our hands warm. Read more about the science behind LEVEL's ThermoPlus system, and learn why Thermo-Plus 4000 and 5000 ratings are key to keeping your hands warm. All the Bliss gloves below have Thermo-Plus 4000 or 5000 warmth ratings - designed to keep your hands warm and dry in temperatures as cold as -7 F or -22 F!