Ski Racing Gloves

Ski Racing Gloves for slalom, downhill, Super-G...or whatever feeds your competitive spirit

Ski racing gloves protect your hands, fingers, and wrists from the repeated beatings you get from gate strikes. Armor on the fingers and knuckles plus extra padding on the palm and back of the wrist all come together to provide ski racers - young and old, beginner to advanced - the hand protection that's a must-have on the race course. Compare the best top-of-the-line ski racing gloves from trusted brands like Level. Things to consider when choosing ski racing gloves 

Considerations when choosing ski racing gloves and ski protective gear

Key things to consider when evaluating new ski race gloves:
  • Glove Material. Look for high quality leather, treated to be water proof, for the finest feel and durability
  • Reinforced Palms to improve durability where the gloves meet the poles
  • Knuckle protection on the back side of the gloves, to protect your first knuckles from gates
  • Finger protection on at least your middle two fingers, if not on the outside 3 or all 4. Again, to protect your hands from the gates.
  • Inside Liner Material. You want nice quality interior liner materials - like fleece, Thinsulate, or wool - to keep your hands warm and your dexterity high
  • Custom Fit. Some ski racing gloves can be warmed up to conform to your exact hand size and shape, improving comfort and ergonomics
  • And yes, price. We all live in the real world (or, most of us do...) where price has to be a consideration. Especially with fast growing kids, you may want to limit the spend because the gloves will only fit for a season or two. Luckily, there are several excellent options in youth ski racing gloves that won't break the bank.
No matter your choice of ski racing gloves, we stand behind every product we sell and will work together with you to get the right protection for your racing discipline.