Snowboard Mittens with Wrist Guards Built In

Looking for the protection of best selling LEVEL BioMex wrist guards, along with the warmth of snowboard mittens? We got you covered. Below is our collection of snowboard mittens with wrist guards - hand picked for you. Snowboard mittens with wrist guards are critical to reducing your risk of a wrist injury. These LEVEL mittens feature BioMex wrist guards - proven effective in reducing wrist injuries. Learn more about snowboard mittens with wrist guards below.

Watch This Video from LEVEL on Preventing Snowboard Wrist Injuries with LEVEL Snowboard Mittens with Wrist Guards

Why do you need snowboarding mittens with wrist guards at all?

There are good reasons to protect your wrists while you snowboard. The basic facts are:

  • Snowboarding can cause injuries, with fractures the most common type of serious injury
  • The most common location of an injury is the wrist (just under 40% of all snowboard injuries are wrist related)
  • Most (not all) wrist injuries can be prevented by wearing well designed wrist protection
  • You don't have to overspend to outfit yourself with effective and comfortable wrist protection
  • Don't wait until you get hurt to wear wrist protection
  • Suffering a wrist injury will result in lost time - on the mountain, at work, or doing other hobbies

The dynamics of snowboard falls are clear. With your feet secured to your snowboard, as you lose balance or catch an edge, you’ll fall forwards or backwards. Instinctively, you typically reach out your arms and hands to catch yourself. This puts your wrists at great risk of harm. By wearing snowboarding mittens with wrist guards, you will have a good layer of defense against incurring a wrist injury.

A significant benefit of wearing mittens with wrist protection already built in, is these mittens are designed as an integrated system. The glove, liner, guard, and strap all work together. This typically makes snowboard protective mittens more effective than independent wrist guards worn underneath regular snowboard gloves. In addition, our experience is that the fit, feel, and comfort of snowboarding wrist guard mittens is superior. And finally, you won't have to worry about keeping track of separate pieces and parts. If you have the mittens on and wear them properly, you'll be protected.

How do snowboard mittens with wrist guards work?

A good pair of protective snowboard mittens with wrist guards offer both protection and wrist support. Sicuro offers the full line of LEVEL snowboard gloves with the BioMex wrist protection system inside. All models of LEVEL snowboard mittens feature BioMex wrist guards, which have been shown to reduce the likelihood of a snowboard wrist injury by 7.5 times. The Biomex wrist guard is flexible, shock reducing, and ergonomically designed. It is made from high-density rubberized plastic with a split "swallow-tail" wrist support that, upon impact, flexes to disperse the blunt force from a fall.

What to look for when choosing snowboard mittens with wrist guards

Here's a summary of important criteria you can use to decide which snowboard wrist guard gloves are best for you:

  • Wrist guards - effective in preventing injuries, integrated into the glove, and removable for inspection, care and cleaning
  • Knuckle protection - on top of fingers, thumb
  • Shell Material - durable, nice looking, good feel
  • Palm Material - reinforced to enhance durability
  • Dry Technology - a membrane that keeps the water out, so your hands stay dry
  • Liner Material - soft, comfortable, and warm
  • Warmth Index - evidence that the gloves keep your hands warm in cold temps
  • Cuff Design - gauntlet for over the jacket sleeve, or under sleeve
  • Additional Features - things like nose wipes, goggle cleaner, storm leash, hand warmer pocket, etc

More details about snowboard mittens with wrist guards

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