About Us

Our Story? A winding road to today...

Back in 2004, we created the first specialty retail store dedicated to action sports protective gear. It was called "XSportsProtective", and the idea was innovative and grew like crazy. We focused on specific safety gear - helmets, pads, armor, padded shorts, gloves, and neck braces for snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, inline skating, mountain biking, BMX, and roller derby. 

Jim Bartlett

By 2016, the rest of the industry had caught up. More and more local shops - bike, skate, and snow - embraced the protective gear category. And, Amazon began to more aggressively enter the outdoor categories. Ultimately, we decided we were too small to compete effectively as one of many retailers for the 2,500 items we stocked.

In 2016, we sold the business to a larger company and joined the new team.

For the next two years, as part of the larger company, we invested time and energy to redesign the business. The business stabilized and began to grow again. But, the parent company decided to refocus resources on their large primary business. The decision was made to shut down the sporting goods business.

Itching to be entrepreneurial again, we saw an opportunity. There were a small number of brands we felt passionately about and knew had a place in the world that we wanted to help contribute to. 

The new business - named Sicuro - reopened in 2017.

Who are we?

We're a small company focused on three key brands. We know a lot about these products, have close relationships with the brand owners, and we're passionate about serving customers who can benefit from these items.

We're a bit different. We stock every item we sell. We ship every order you give us. We read and respond to every email you send us.

Do we sell on Amazon? Of course, because in today's world you have to. But we offer items that we stand behind as friends and partners. We work with our customers to make sure they get the right gear for their situation and budget.

If you're new to Sicuro - welcome!  Our goal is to become that "Friend you can trust" to learn more, get advice, and shop for gloves, padded shorts, and armor for snowboarding and ski racing. No hype - just careful advice and good choices.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

Stay Safe


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