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3 Steps to Find the Right Size LEVEL Gloves

1. Measure your hand two different ways (blue and red lines), as shown below. Measure your hand length (the blue line) from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm.  Then, measure the circumference of your hand (the red line) at the base of your knuckles (not including your thumb).

Level Snowboard Gloves How to Measure Your Hand Graphic

2. Use the two measurements to determine the size using the table below. If the two resulting sizes are different, order the larger size. Typical sizes range from 7-10 inches, unless you have very small or very large hands.

LEVEL Snowboard Gloves Size Chart - Men, Women and Kids


3. Find your size in the "Size" drop down on the product page. If your measurement is between two sizes, we recommend ordering the larger size - especially with LEVEL snowboard gloves with BioMex guards inside.

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High-quality wrist protection at a price within range of the recreational snowboarder. The Fly Mittens offer BioMex wrist guards inside, an economical water resistant exterior shell, and a removable interior fleece liner for warmth.

  • BioMex Wrist Guards – proven wrist protection
  • Membra-Therm Plus Technology – to keep your hands warm and dry
  • Kevlar Palms – durable material to help gloves last longer
  • Fine Details – removable liner, nose wipe, goggle cleaner, etc.

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LEVEL Fly Snowboard Mittens with BioMex Wrist Guards

You're a younger adult or teenage snowboarder that wants the wrist protection that comes from BioMex wrist guards while conserving cash for your season pass. You want your wrists protected - with all the benefits of a fully integrated liner/guard/shell system - but you don't want to have to think about it. And, make it in a mittten, please.

You're the boarder LEVEL made the Fly Mittens for.

Key Features of the LEVEL Fly Mittens

Sitting in between the youth oriented LEVEL Fly Junior Mittens and the more advanced LEVEL Half Pipe Mittens, the Fly Mittens bring BioMex wrist protection at a value price for teenage and younger adult snowboarders.

  • Wrist Protection – BioMex. The regular version of proven effective BioMex wrist protection system
  • Dry Technology – Membra-Therm Plus. Enhances warmth by keeping your hands dry. Water resistant fabric.
  • LEVEL Thermo-Plus Rating – NO.
  • Palm Material – Kevlar. A textured and long lasting material. Improves durability of gloves so they last multiple seasons.
  • Interior Liner – Knitted Brush. Removable liner for faster drying and easier cleaning and inspection. NOTE: the liner is a 5 finger design.
  • Nose Wipe – plush. Nice, soft material on the side of your thumbs, so you can easily wipe your nose while on the trail or lift.
  • Goggle Cleaner – yes. On the side of your index finger, a strip of material that you can use to wipe your goggles clear of moisture on the trail or lift.
  • Storm Leash – yes. A nylon cord with a plastic cinch mechanism, attach to the inside cuff. Allows you to keep the gloves attached to you after you remove them. No more hiking down the lift trail looking for a lost glove…
  • Air Exchanger - yes. Air vent on the top of your hand that allows moisture/sweat to escape from inside the gloves
  • Gauntlet Style Cuff - yes. Fit over your coat sleeve, with adjustable powder cuffs to keep out the snow
  • Want the additional warmth of an upgraded & warmer liner, the waterproof protection of a GoreTex shell, and the additional comfort of LEVEL's dual-density BioMex Plus guard? Upgrade to the LEVEL Half Pipe XCR Snowboard Mittens.

Product Video for LEVEL Fly Mittens with Wrist Guards

LEVEL Snowboard Gloves with BioMex Wrist Guards - Why Do I Need Them?

There are good reasons to protect your wrists while you snowboard. The basic facts are:

  • Snowboarding can cause injuries, with fractures the most common type of serious injury
  • The most common location of an injury is the wrist (just under 40% of all snowboard injuries are wrist related)
  • Most (not all) wrist injuries can be prevented by wearing well designed wrist protection
  • You don't have to overspend to outfit yourself with effective and comfortable wrist protection
  • Don't wait until you get hurt to wear wrist protection
  • Suffering a wrist injury will result in lost time - on the mountain, at work, or doing other hobbies

LEVEL's BioMex wrist protection system is the result of an extensive, ongoing collaboration between snowboarders, the medical community, and engineers. A four-year study conducted by the St. Moritz (Switzerland) Orthopaedic Hospital involving more than 40,000 snowboard hours and more than 2,400 participants showed that snowboarders who wear conventional wrist guards are 4.5 times less likely to suffer wrist injuries over those who don't wear wrist guards at all. However, LEVEL's proprietary BioMex Wrist Protection System reduces the likelihood of a snowboard wrist injury by 7.5 times.

LEVEL BioMex gloves / BioMex wrist guards are uniquely effective in preventing wrist injuries. Why? Because the BioMex design strengthens your own bodies capability to deal with impact forces across 3 axis. Unlike other snowboard gloves with wrist guards inside, LEVEL's snowboard gloves with BioMex wrist guards inside keep your hands in an anatomically correct position during a crash.

All LEVEL snowboard protective gloves and mittens feature BioMex wrist guards and removable/washable interior liners. In addition, the Super Pipe and Half Pipe models also feature "BioMex Plus" dual density guards that offer higher resistance and advanced comfort over the standard BioMex models. For more information regarding BioMex, see the video below or our article on LEVEL BioMex Wrist Guards.

Why is the LEVEL BioMex Wrist Protection system so unique?

Watch this 5 min video for a great explanation of the LEVEL BioMex wrist guards, and why the snowboard specific design of the BioMex guards is so effective at preventing wrist injuries:

Learn More about LEVEL BioMex Wrist Guards and LEVEL Snowboard Gloves

Read some of our blog posts below to learn more about different aspects of LEVEL gloves, BioMex, GoreTex, and more...

LEVEL Gloves - Innovation and Protection

LEVEL Brand Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Guards and Ski Racing Gloves

The LEVEL brand is a well recognized leader in snowboard gloves, snowboard mittens, ski gloves, ski racing gloves and mittens, and ski poles. LEVEL products are born in the Italian Alps and the company is a recognized leader in glove innovation and style. LEVEL gloves became Scheuing Sport AG when the company moved from Italy to Switzerland in 2014. LEVEL's unique technology includes the market leading Biomex Wrist Guards, proven to significantly reduce the risk of wrist injuries while snowboarding, and Kevlar reinforced finger and palm constructions for exceptional durability. The Bliss line, designed just for women, features "Warmer for Women" technology. With its vast of array of insulation and waterproofing technologies, you can count on LEVEL gloves to keep you warm and dry in even the harshest climates and coldest weather. and all LEVEL products are built to make skiing and riding warmer, dryer, and more comfortable.

LEVEL Snowboard Gloves "firsts" Include:

  • Snowboard specific gloves (1988)
  • Removable liner system for snowboard gloves (1988)
  • Protection technology for snowboard gloves (1992)
  • "Breathable System" to help keep your hands dry (1994)
  • Kevlar reinforced construction for improved durability(1999)
  • Backcountry concept: snowboard-ski gloves for mountaineering use (2001)
  • Printed silicone palms (2001)
  • Reflex stimulator system (Kirax) (2002)
  • "Overgloves" as a new market segment (2004)
  • "Bliss by LEVEL" women's brand created (2008)
  • Biomex-Plus protection introduced (2012)
  • 3 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects (2016)

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